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20 Gifts fisherman actually want this holiday season (2021) | From an angler

Finding the perfect gift for a fisherman is hard. You don’t want to buy them fishing rods, lures, or other tackle and equipment. All anglers are very picky with this and know exactly what htey want. Picking it out yourself and feeling them in your hands is all part of the experience!

So instead, you should look at the gifts below! They are all things that a fisherman needs, won’t think about buying themselves and will make them extremely happy this holiday season. I’m sure you’ll find something perfect for that angler in your life!

#1 Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP

Not all of us are lucky enough to have a big bass boat with a fancy fish finder. But thankfully, now even shore fisherman can see below the water with the Deeper Sonar!

If you want to buy a gift for someone that beats the banks – this is it. You simply cast out the Deeper Sonar and open up your phone. Right there on the screen is water depth, temperature, and sonar images showing cover, structure and fish! 

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#2 Performance Grade Fishing Shirt

fishing gift guide

Do your loved ones go out fishing in old t-shirts? Then consider buying them a real performance grade fishing shirt this holiday season!

Not only will your fisherman look great on the water – a great fishing shirt will provide UV protection too. They’re also sweat resistant and extremely lightweight for those hot summer days on the water. Make sure to stick with major manufacturers like Columbia or Huk as they will last many more fishing trips and impress all the other anglers at weigh in.

#3 Polarized Sunglasses

One thing almost every angler can benefit from is a better pair of sunglasses. Just make sure to buy real nice ones from Costa or Oakley – not the cheap gas station kind.

Not only will the better brands offer more UV protection for eyes on the water, but they can help anglers see farther too. You can see fish, structure, cover and more. If you have a fisherman in your life that wades shallow water – these are absolutely mandatory and a great gift!

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#4 Fishing Books

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There are many great books on fishing, and you can probably find one perfect for your favorite fisherman.

You can learn a ton on the water, but on those cold winter nights when you can’t be out fishing you can read up on tactics and techniques in books like these.

Or maybe you just want to give a quick pocket guide to an angler who doesn’t like to read but still needs to know all the fishing knots. 

A cookbook is great too if you’re buying for a fisherman who keeps what they catch!

#5 Line Spooler

Fishermen spend a lot of time preparing their poles for fishing trips. Consider getting them something that can make that process a whole lot easier.

Fishing line spoolers are great for quickly getting many fishing reels lined up without any loops or knots. It’s also one of the gifts that most fishermen will never buy themselves, but will get tons of use from! 

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#6 Fishing Filet Knife

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An angler who brings home his fish for cleaning would really enjoy an electric filet knife this holiday season. Cleaning dozens of fish can take hours. But if you upgrade to an electric filet knife you could cut that time in half!

Unfortunately there are a lot of bad electric filet knifes on the market. Get a cheap one and you’ll have more headaches than before. But this option by Bubba has a LIthium-Ion battery which makes it easy to use without a cord in the way. It also lasts a long time and is very sharp! It’s the best bang for your buck option.

#7 Fish Grips

When you catch the fish of a lifetime, you don’t want it getting away!

That’s where fish grips come into play. They will tightly hold a fish by their lips so they can be put back in the water to breathe. Then your fisherman can catch his breath, get out his camera for pictures, and eventually return the fish back into the water safely. Almost no fishermen buy them for themselves but they come in handy!

#8 Fisherman's Pliers

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Every fisherman has a pair of pliers. They help with cutting line, getting hooks out of fish’s mouths and adjusting lures.

But most anglers don’t have the RIGHT pair of pliers. A good fisherman’s pliers are angled which helps get into a fish’s mouth more easily while still being able to see to get the hook out. 

So while not the sexiest gift on the list, a good pair of fisherman’s pliers with a long, angled shaft is a great gift that any angler will get use out of.

#9 Lure Retriever

I can’t tell you how many lures I’ve lost in the bottom of a lake. Chances are you’ve heard your fisherman complain about it too.

So buy them a gift that will pay for itself 10 times over by getting a lure retriever. They come in several models, but all are helpful in knocking stuck lures out from things they get stuck on under the water. And most fishermen don’t have them, they just buy new lures!

fishing gift guide

#10 Bibs

fishing gift guide

A great pair of bibs is actually pretty expensive for most anglers, which mean they never splurge and buy them.

But for your loved ones, it’s a great gift. A good pair of bibs is a necessity for fishing in any kind of un-ideal conditions like rain, cold, wind, etc. They keep everything warm, repel water, and prevent catching a cold or worse when out on the water. Plus, they can be easily removed, so no more wet truck rides home or dripping into the hallway.

#11 Book a Charter

Fishermen often specialize in one area, specie, or type of fishing. So a great way to treat a fisherman is to take them out with an expert who does something completely different!

That’s why booking a charter for even an experienced fisherman can be a great gift. If they enjoy the experience and learn from the instructor, they are even likely to find a new type of fishing to go out and enjoy. So if you know a freshwater angler, book them a saltwater charter. Or if they only fish lakes, book a charter for fly fishing streams.

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#12 Fishing Gloves

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Fishing gloves are necessary for warm and cold situations. So whether you live in Arizona or Minnesota – your angler could probably use a pair.

Gloves help protect the hands from weather, fishing line, hooks, etc. You can also find cold-weather gloves that have removable mittens to keep hands warm until a fish bites like these. Warm weather gloves are often fingerless, and also add some style to fishing gear. 

#13 Gift Card

Gift cards may not be the most exciting gift to buy your loved ones, but they’re almost always useful.

This is especially the case for fishermen. Specific rods, reels, lures are much better picked out by the angler than given as a gift. Plus, if you buy the gift card to Bass Pro Shops, just going to the store and walking through the endless aisles is an adventure in itself. You’re buying more than just a gift card, it’s an experience!

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#14 Cooler

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Coolers are a necessity for a fishing day trip. They keep live bait like worms, water to keep you hydrated, and snacks to keep you fueled out on the water. 

So splurge on your fisherman and get them a great cooler like a Yeti. They are tough, guaranteed to keep things cool all day under the sun, and come in attractive designs and colors. It’ll be a great upgrade from the old red and white coolers we all got handed down from generations. 

#15 Digital Scale

We all have heard fishing stories of how big the last catch was. So buy something that will let your angler prove how big their catch was.

Digital scales are the easiest to use and very affordable. They also come with a great handle and line for easy use that doesn’t harm the fish being weighed. Just make sure to buy batteries to go with it so you don’t have a dead scale when your fisherman catches the fish of a lifetime!

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#16 Fish Fryer

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Everyone knows the best part of being close with an angler is the ability to eat freshly caught fish!

But cooking fish can be really messy, and some cooks don’t like their pans being used for wild fish. If that’s you – consider buying your angler a fish fryer for the holidays this year. It contains all of the oil in the basin and lets you have one utensil to cook all your wild caught fish. If you go camping, this is a must have!

#17 Fishing Board Games

As much as most anglers would like to, you can’t go fishing everyday. Sometimes you have to stay in with family and find something fun to do.

Fishing based board games are a fun way to invite your fisher friends inside for a good game that they’ll get a kick out of. Everyone likes monopoly, and this version (Fishin’ Opoly) is sure to make for fun times and laughs where the normal properties are replaced with fish and different types of fishing gear.

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#18 Mystery Tackle Box Subscription

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Just because you don’t know what a fisherman might like this holiday season doesn’t mean no one does. Trust the team at Mystery Tackle Box to hand select the best baits on the market and send it monthly to your fisherman’s home!

The beauty of this gift is that it keeps on giving throughout the year.  Plus, it’s a way to get great baits into any angler’s hands they may not have tried before. So if you’re buying for someone new to fishing, you might introduce them to their new favorite bait!

#19 Wireless Speaker

Some anglers like to be alone on the water and just hear the beautiful silence of nature. Others, like me, use it as a time to relax with music or even a podcast.

But fishing with headphones is dangerous and other speakers aren’t portable. A great wireless speaker is an out of the box idea that your fisherman may love, especially if they go fishing on a boat often. But even shore anglers could stick this in a backpack pocket to have tunes on the water. 

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#20 Rod Case

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When you travel with fishing rods, it can be quite the hassle. Particularly if you are an ice fisherman since you often have quite a bit of gear to haul to your hole.

For these anglers, consider buying a good rod case. They are lightweight, easy to care, and keep fishing poles nice and secure until they’re ready to be used. It’s a simple gift that any ice angler in particular will get good use from!

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