6 Fishing Youtube Channels You Need To Be Watching

YouTube is quickly becoming the go to source for entertainment and instruction in the fishing world. Fishing youtubers have grown exponentially in the last few years and you should be checking out these channels if you want to become a better fisherman or just sit back and enjoy some entertainment around fishing. 

Best YouTube Channel for Bass & Beginner Fishing


Honestly, aside from my father, I owe most of my fishing knowledge to Gene Jensen aka Flukemaster. With the motto of “Teaching The World To Fish”, Gene produces videos that hit a great mix of entertaining, informative, and easy to follow for beginner audiences and even advanced audiences. He also has boat videos, kayak videos, and a few bank fishing videos. 

More importantly, the things he teaches are applicable to any fisherman. He covers about every fishing technique in depth, how he fishes each season, and my personal favorites are videos of him hitting new lakes and learning how to catch fish on them. Whether you are a beginner fisherman or a tournament winning angler, he will teach you something you didn’t know. He is well worth a visit and my personal favorite.

Best YouTube Channel for the Advanced Fisherman

Fish The Moment

Jonny is not the most charismatic of those listed here – but the excitement and information in his videos makes him one of my most-watched fishing youtubers. If you have a really great base of knowledge for bass fishing, Fish The Moment might be for you. He analyzes lakes, breaks down seasonal patterns, and provides a level of depth I haven’t found in any other instructor. Period. Let alone for free on YouTube.

If you are just starting on bass fishing, I would recommend starting with Flukemaster and getting the basics down first. While Jonny is great at explaining, he targets the tournament-level bass fisherman. He isn’t so much going to help you catch your first fish, he is going to help you target big numbers or big fish and win a tournament.

Best Professional Fisherman on YouTube

Mike Iaconelli Fishing

Ike has become one of the biggest personalities in professional fishing. That translates to his YouTube fishing channel. You can expect some excitement and a lot of personality in these videos that makes for a very entertaining experience. I particularly enjoy videos where he shows off his wide variety of tackle, rods, and reels. It’s like a trip to bass pro shops but via YouTube.

While Mike does certainly cover fishing tips and techniques, I don’t think you should search him out for those specifically. Fish the Moment and Flukemaster excel in those areas more. Mike is best for entertainment with some instruction mixed in.

Best YouTube Channel for Other Freshwater Species

Catfish & Carp

Most fishing youtubers focus on bass fishing, but Catfish & Carp is a great channel for those of you who are looking into other species of fishing. He has a much more low-budget approach than many people listed here but has videos full of great information. Whether you’re just tired of bass fishing and want to try something different or if you’ve been a long-time fisherman whose caught many species – he will have videos with good information and tons of species and different fishing techniques. And he covers much more than catfish & carp!

Best for YouTube Channel for Saltwater Fishing


The best youtuber I’ve found for saltwater fishing is BlacktipH. He has some absolute jaw-dropping monsters caught on his channel and I’m always entertained. His handle may focus on sharks, but you’ll find a variety of saltwater species videos on his channel. Other people have noticed too – as you’ll find many collaborations with groups like Dude Perfect and Googan Squad on his channel as well as videos with famous professional athletes.

While all his videos are great and entertaining – the shark ones are always my favorite. Even if you’ve never been saltwater fishing or even aren’t interested in learning about it, still check him out. My friends who hate fishing have become hooked on his videos. 

Best for YouTube Channel for Fishing Entertainment

Googan Squad

There may not be any fishing youtube channels quite as divisive as the Googan Squad. But I would be lying if I didn’t say their videos are extremely entertaining. A group of young men who formed a group together and built a company is also a very awe-inspiring story. They have a variety of click-bait type videos but ultimately always are good for a few chuckles. And are all great fisherman. Just don’t expect any in-depth fishing analysis – just laughs, friends, and good times.

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