Best Fishing Line to Prevent Backlashes

Backlash line mess

If you’ve used a baitcaster before you know that backlashes are just something you have to deal with. But it shouldn’t be happening very often. If you’ve read this article about preventing backlash but still can’t keep it from happening every fishing trip, your line might be to blame. So let’s get into what fishing … Read more

The Best Fishing Rods for Soft Plastics

Soft plastics are one of my favorite ways to catch bass. From worms to craws, flukes to swimbaits, sot plastics are some of the most lifelike baits you can use. They’re almost always guaranteed to get bites when other hard plastics won’t. So you should devote one fishing rod in your arsenal just to soft … Read more

Do I need a weight with a crankbait? Answered!

does crankbait need weight

There are many different fishing techniques and all require their own set of terminal tackle – things like hooks, weights, and swivels. So when just beginning to learn different rigs and lures, it can be really hard to know exactly what you need. A fishing staple for every species you may target is the crankbait. … Read more