The best color spinnerbait you can buy

best spinnerbait color

There are many different colors of spinnerbait, so determining the best one can be very difficult. White, black, chartreuse, green pumpkin, there are many options. And then there are even combinations of those colors. And the spinners themselves can be painted, metallic, or a combination as well! Thankfully, while all of these colors can work … Read more

Are Googan Squad baits actually any good?

googan baits worth the money flat banger crankbait

You may have recently found a new brand in the fishing lure game – Googan Baits or Googan Squad lures. They began with 5 soft plastic lures but have grown into selling almost all bass fishing lures. Soft plastics, crankbaits, frogs, jigs, you name it. And they’re available at some major fishing retailers like Bass … Read more

Which Whopper Plopper You Should Buy

best whopper plopper to buy on wood

There is not a topwater bait in my tackle box that gets more use than the whopper plopper. But as they expand in popularity, there are so many sizes and colors to choose from. Should you get the silent version? The biggest? There’s so many options… Here is the answer: If you only can buy … Read more