5 Fishing lure brands completely made in America

I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for buying whatever brand I find is cheap. Whether I’m shopping for household items or groceries, I always just go with what costs less.

With fishing lures though, I care much more about brands. There are certain brands of lure producers that I just trust above others. And there are some 100% American made lure companies that I will support above all else because I know they make quality lures.

This article will include 5 nationally known companies which are 100% American owned and operated that make lures I have used and trust. If you are looking to support american made businesses and want something you know will catch fish – give these brands a try.

Yum Fishing

There are only a few companies which produce soft plastic lures that cover almost all of your needs. Yum is one of those companies. If you want tubes, worms, stickbaits, creatures, craws, and more from one company – Yum will have you covered.

And Yum lures are 100% American made. They are headquartered, manufactured, and sold all within the United States. So if you want to support American workers, purchasing Yum brand soft plastic lures is a great way to do so.

I have also used several types of Yum products and find they work extremely well. The best product I have found from them that I believe should be in every anglers box is the Yum Dinger. The stickbait took the fishing world by storm within the last few years as the bait that can catch fish when nothing else does. And while the Gary Yamamato Senko is most synonymous with this style of fishing – the Yum Dinger is a real contender for the title.

The senko is the originator but the Yum dinger is maybe the best bang for your buck option. You can buy two packs of Yum dingers for about the same price as one pack of senkos – and they work just about as well. A dinger will sink slightly faster – but I find the difference negligible in most cases. So you get most of the performance with half the price and know that you’re supporting a 100% american company. What’s not to love?

But Yum makes more than just stickbaits. They have about all of your soft plastic needs and every lure I have tried has been worth their money – which I should mention is very low compared to competitors. So if you want good performance for below-average pricing while supporting American businesses – look at Yum lures. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Z-man Fishing

Another newer company that is 100% American designed and manufactured is Z-man fishing, the innovators that gave us the hottest lure on the fishing market – the chatterbait.

Z-man is based in Charleston, South Carolina and has been making baits for over 30 years. In 2006, Z-man released the chatterbait which revolutionized the fishing industry. Prior to that, they had been manufacturing skirts for other lure brands.

But now they have stepped out into their own and are making baits that compete with all the known competitors. Their chatterbaits are top notch but they also created elaztech technology in their soft plastics which makes them stretchable to extreme degrees. This means more fish per lure – a great cost saving mechanism.

But best yet – while they have grown from chatterbaits to a whole line of hard and soft baits, they are still based in Charleston, South Carolina and make and design all of their products within the United States of America.

fishing lure brands made in america chatterbait demond shad

I have written articles like this imploring people to just buy chatterbaits. There is not a better bait that I have found for getting bites in muddy water. If you support z-man for no other reason than buying chatterbaits – they are well worth the investment. They are a top 5 lure in my estimation.

But Z-man has more to offer than just chatterbaits. They are also the designers behind the TRD and shroomz jighead for ned rigging, another one of those techniques which will get bites when nothing else does. They now have TRDs, craws, bugs and other plastics meant for the ned rig as well. All of which are sure to produce fish.

Z-man also has topwaters and jigs – which I have not personally tried but am anxious to get ahold of. I have never tried a Z-man product and been disappointed. Where as many companies mimic others – z-man offers real innovation with all their products and is always trying something new. Along with being 100% American made – they are an easy recommendation from this fisherman.


I have caught more fish on soft plastics made by roboworm than any other manufacturer on this list. Maybe any other manufacturer in general. 

What sets roboworm apart from any other manufacturer is their color selection. You’re probably used to seeing a worm that is one color, maybe with flakes thrown in. But roboworms come in many different colors all in one!

roboworm morning dawn made in america fishing lure
roboworm aaron's magic green brown blue

This is what makes them unique. They have Aaron’s magic – A mix of green, blue, and brown that is my all time favorite color of worm. It’s every color I love all in one! But this is what they over – worms that have multiple colors that are sure to drive fish crazy.

But even better than that – they are completely American designed and manufactured. Based in Camarillo, California, Roboworm was developed by Greg Stump who has a degree in robotics engineering. He took that knowledge and combined it with his passion for fishing to develop the unique brand of soft plastics we know today.

While they have many types of soft plastic available, their straight tail worm is the best dropshot bait that I have ever found. I can take this worm to any pond and am almost guaranteed to get bites. It is my #1 confidence bait, bar none.

So if you’re looking to support an american and smaller company that is sure to give you great performance – I can’t recommend Roboworm enough.

Lake Fork Trophy Lures

Maybe one of the most famous lakes throughout the United States for bass fishing is Lake Fork, Texas. So it makes sense that they would have a brand under their name.

Unsurprisingly, Lake Fork Trophy Lures is located in Emory, Texas and all baits are crafted in-house – meaning they are American owned and operated.

While they make many types of baits, their soft plastic lures are what you are most likely to find. They have a very unique design with segmented bodies that produce extreme action unlike much of anything else you’ll find on the market.

I first started using Lake Fork Trophy Lures when I picked up a bag of 2 ¼ inch magic shad for crappie fishing. I was so amazed by the action in their little swimbaits that I became an immediate believer and picked them up in larger sizes too for trailers on swim jigs and chatterbaits.

But they also make worms, craws, and many other types of soft plastics with the same segmented design you can try. According to the video above which shows the inside of their bait shop, professionals have even used their baits to win tournaments. So you know they are guaranteed to work.

War Eagle

We have covered many soft plastic manufacturers so let’s go with a different type of lure. War Eagle doesn’t make soft plastics – they make spinnerbaits.

Well actually they make more than just spinnerbaits but that is mostly what they’re known for. They also make buzzbaits, spoons, some terminal tackle, and jigs as well. But I haven’t been able to test them out as of yet.

But I absolutely LOVE their spinnerbaits. My personal best bass came off a War Eagle Tandem Spinnerbait and it’s in my top 5 confident baits in my tackle box. I believe in them that much.

best bass fishing lures for dock

Better yet – they are a small company that began in Arkansas. Two serious fisherman decided to start making their own spinnerbaits out of a garage and hit it big when pro Mike McClellend won back to back tournaments using their spinnerbaits. That recognition formed the company and they’ve been growing since. But still stay American owned and operated.

What really puts War Eagle spinnerbaits a notch above for me is they run true right of the box. I’ve always been able to just tie one on and go fishing. They are also made with superior materials including custom hand-tied skirts that just never come off like other brands. I’ve caught tons of fish and hit it against everything in the lake – and my spinnerbaits almost look like new.

So if you need something other than soft plastics or are in the market for a spinnerbait – please consider buying War Eagle. They are 100% made in America and in my mind the best spinnerbait out the for the money.


If you are in the market for any type of lure, look out for the companies listed above. You will not only be buying top of the line quality lures that will catch fish all day long. You’ll be supporting American businesses who employ American workers and keep our country thriving. While many companies outsource creation to other countries, the ones above have stayed home and should be supported.

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