The Top 5 Baits for Dock Fishing

best baits fishing docks

There may not be a more popular way to fish for bass than fishing docks. For good reason too. When the conditions are right, and you’re using the right lures, you can catch several bass from just one dock. And some can be real toads. Problem is a lot of people seem to be using … Read more

How to catch bass in a shallow pond

There are hundreds of techniques and lures that can catch bass, but you’re likely going to find only a few of these work at your local pond that’s only a couple feet deep. Don’t worry – there are still plenty of big bass that live in shallow ponds. And they can be caught! Catching bass … Read more

Why bass sometimes have red lips

bass have red lips with dropshot

Nothing feels as good as the ice thawing on a lake, the sun beginning to shine for longer days, and the first bass of a new year. But when you pull out the first few bass in the late winter or early spring, you may notice that their lips and throat are a vibrant red. … Read more

How to fish a jig from the bank

fish a jig from the bank

There are few baits as fun to fish as a jig. And they are well known to be big bass catchers. But often times only boat fisherman seem to be throwing them when you can catch great bass on a jig from the bank as well. To fish a jig from the bank successfully you’ll … Read more