The 4 Best Rods for Bluegill Fishing

best fishing pole bluegill

Many anglers pick up bluegill fishing with whatever rod they have on hand. Bluegill are generally easy to catch and you certainly can catch them on any rod. But some rods will definitely work better than others. Not only will these rods help you cast better, have a better fight, and help you land more … Read more

The 6 Best Bluegill and Crappie Baits

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There is nothing like a trip out to catch bluegill and crappie. Both fish are prone to schooling, which means you can catch hundreds in a day of fishing if you’re lucky. Want to ensure that you are the one catching all those fish next time out on the water? Then read below the best … Read more

Crappie Fishing After a Rain | An In-Depth Guide

crappie fishing in the rain

Sometimes the weather just doesn’t cooperate with your fishing trip. So you’ve been cooped up waiting to go crappie fishing but it just won’t stop raining. Then, when it finally does and you hit the water – you can’t catch anything! This is something that happens to a lot of amateur and even professional anglers. … Read more

Are rainbow trout endangered? ANSWERED!

rainbow trout endangered

There is maybe no freshwater fish as beautiful as the rainbow trout. With a bright pink stripe down the side, they truly are the prettiest freshwater fish you can catch. But how long will rainbow trout be around? Are they protected, endangered, extinct? The answer is no – rainbow trout are not endangered. Rainbow trout … Read more

Can Trout Live in a Pond? | ANSWERED!

trout in a pond

Are you thinking about stocking trout in a pond? Or are you just curious if they could survive in your local waters? Then this article is for you! There is no simple answer to this question, but it is entirely possible for trout to live in a pond. As long as your pond has stable … Read more

The best colors to catch bluegill or any panfish

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Many people seem to think that only natural baits (like worms) can catch bluegill. Nothing could be further from the truth! There are many lures that can catch bluegill all day long. But because people don’t know these lures well, they often don’t know the colors to choose. And bluegill eat lots of different things, … Read more

The absolute best month to catch crappie

the best month to catch crappie fighting

Crappie are one of the best eating fish there is, and they’re a heck of a lot of fun to catch too. If  you find the right hole, you can catch a hundred crappie in one outing. If you go at the right time at least…. Crappie follow seasonal patterns which makes them easier to … Read more