Bass Fishing in 60-70 Degree Water

fishing 60 70 degree water

There is probably no better time to fish for bass than when the water is between 60 and 70 degrees. It isn’t too hot yet where the majority of fish pull out of shallows and head to deeper water. But it’s also not so cold that they aren’t actively feeding. It’s that perfect temperature where … Read more

The best baitcaster setup for light lures

morning evening fishing

If you’ve gotten comfortable with a baitcaster you might want to start using it all the time instead of a spinning setup. Unfortunately, baitcasters usually aren’t the best option for lures below ¼ ounce. They don’t cast very far and you’ll increase the chance of backlashes. But thanks to new technology in fishing reel design, … Read more

8 reasons why bass fishing is so popular

bass fishing is best

The most popular freshwater fish to catch throughout America is the largemouth and smallmouth bass. But what makes them so popular? While there are many reasons that bass are the most popular species to fish for, the most simple reason is that they are everywhere but there aren’t so many that they’re easy to catch. … Read more